Writing in vim

This page is still under construction!


  • flesh out the set-up instuctions
    • all the plugins
    • organization of output documents, figures, and other resources

Below, I document how I accomplish this in my terminal as my primary writing software on Mac. I find this environment helps me to write faster and with less distraction than using other LaTeX IDEs.

  • Dependencies
    1. Iterm
    2. TeXLive
    3. Homebrew
  • Steps
    1. Homebrew
      • install
      • add to path .zprofile
    2. NeoVim
      • install via Homebrew
      • install on Python3 pip3 install pynvim
    3. Install plugins from vim-plug
      • .local/nvim/init.vim
      • :PlugInstall
    4. Configure
      • .zshrc
      • .configure/neovim
  • Other tools
    1. Ranger
      • .configure/ranger
    2. Overleaf
  • Overleaf and Github workflow