Lab Manual

Welcome to the MInEnS Lab manual. Here you can find the group’s philosophies, values, policies, and expectations, as-well-as a few other resources.

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Purpose Statement

The MInEnS Lab is people-centered and exists to:

  1. develop holistic individual researchers to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive research community;
  2. advance fundamental knowledge to address societal challenges and promote innovation.

Mission Statement

The MInEnS Lab is relational, responsible, and reciprocal and aims to:

  • provide resources and community to train early-career researchers;
  • value and respect all individuals, perspectives, and ways-of-knowing;
  • pursue curiosity-driven inquiry;
  • develop fundamental knowledge for technical pursuits;
  • disseminate findings to the broader community.

Vision Statement

The MInEnS Lab is an academic research group consisting of a PI and trainees, including undergrads, masters, PhDs, and postdocs. We are defined by the network of relationships we maintain amongst our members, with our community, and with the world. We fullfill our responsibility to push the boundaries of current understanding. We pursue reciprocity in our educational and outreach efforts. The MInEnS Lab

  • fosters a culture of creativity, diligence, and well-being among researchers;
  • promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and knowledge exchange to tackle complex research problems from multiple perspectives;
  • establishes partnerships with industry, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to translate research findings into real-world applications and solutions;
  • cultivates ethical research practices and integrity in all aspects of scientific inquiry;
  • broadly teaches our collective knowledge to the world;
  • continuously assesses and adapts our practices to ensure the highest standards of excellence, inclusivity, and joy.