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  • draft PI expectations

The MInEnS Lab is an academic group that is defined by a PI, trainees, and the network of relationships amongst our members. Thus, we each have personal responsibilities to build positive relationships at the personal and group levels. These expectations aim to set the foundation that guides our roles in an up-front and clear manner.


Time and Space

One of the benefits of a research position is the day-to-day flexibility that accompanies working on a long-term project. In many ways, this means that you can choose when and where you work. Still, there are some expectations and best practices that benefit us individually and collaboratively.

  • Best practices:
    • In-office/lab between standard hours (i.e. ~10am-3pm) for both convenient and natural interactions with the group.
  • Expecations
    • In-person attendance to group, subgroup, and 1:1 meetings.


The foundation of positive relationships is built on open, frequent, and positive communication. My goal is to build an environment of trust, where trainees can communicate to me and eachother without the judgement that leads to (1) fear of speaking or (2) shame of having spoken. It is important that the communication is reciprocal and respectful at all times. You can help achieve this by

  • Keeping constant communication channels open through participation in-person (meetings) and online (slack) spaces
  • Asking for help and seeking guidance when you feel it is required


The “end-product” of your time as a trainee in the group is YOU. While events like graduation will mark a specific date of accomplishment, your journey happens everyday in-between joining and leaving the goup. Thus, there is a continual expectation to develop yourself in the group. These include:

  • developing your techincal skills and knowledge,
  • making incremental progress on your research,
  • personal development as a mentor, teacher, and citizen of the group



Time and Space

It is important that I am like-wise available to share time and space with you. Further, I am responsible for setting the system